Hot-Can has created a revolutionary smart, self-heating packaging system. By combining it's own patented design and technology with state of the art manufacturing Hot Can delivers a new and affordable way to drink hot beverages on the go that are also eco-friendly.   ·        The water then mixes with the quicklime, starting an exothermic reaction that heats the contents of the outer chamber in less then 3 minutes by 50-55°C to give the consumer a piping hot drink.   ·        Not only is the container recyclable, it also complies with beverage container recycling laws, or "Bottle Bills", that provide financial incentive to consumers for recycling.   ·        The Hot-Can is available in three flavors, CAFÉ LATTE, HOT CHOCLATE & HOT TEA. It is the best design heats in the perfect cup of coffee in less then 3 minutes; it is a NEW CHOICE for future generations. minuman tin 210 ml yang moden dan mudah, cuma goncang dan tggu 3minit untuk panas. Sesuai untuk generasi masa kini. Tak perlu mesin pemanas dan air panas. Selamat & eco freindly system.Sesuai dijual di tempat-tempat eksklusif.Boleh didapati dalam 3 perisa utama Coklat panas, coffee latte, dan teh panas. MARGIN UNTUNG YANG TINGGI. Kepada yang berminat sila hubungi syarikat kami."FIRST IN MALAYSIA

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