waste oil recycling system, oil purification machine

waste oil recycling system, oil purification machine from Win Vacuume Dehydration System

By: Win Vacuume Dehydration System  09-08-2011

Technology and advantages of this model:
1: It is for treating various insulating oil, including transformer oil, mutual inductor oil, switch oil.
2: It is widely applied in large scale manufacturing factory, power station and other related industrial fields which will use transformers, especially for over 110 KV transformers.
3: Double stage vacuum system, adopt international advanced duplex stereo-evaparation technology and UK G technology to eliminate the trace water in insulation oil and recover its breakdown voltage greatly.
4: Adopt Germany's 3 UG phase replay, can make the machine working efficaciously and safely at any situations, such as power off, lack of phase, wrong phase position, etc.
5: Equipped with advanced dielectric condensation devices for greatly prolong the oil purifier service life.
6: A trinity of interlocked preventive device is applied for avoid the machine being damanged from any accident automatically.
7: It also can be used as a separate vacuum system for dehydrating oil only, don't need to run all process and can save time and consumption for different request on oil filtration.
8: It can work onsite with the transformer running together.
9: A PLC system can be attached as per customer's requirement.
10: It can be moved easily with equipped steel wheels, it also can be designed for different structure of fully enclosed type and fully enclosed trailer type for the purpose of ourdoor use and indoor use.
11. Various color of this model can be produced just as customer's favor.

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