Used transformer oil recycling system, vacuum dehydration

Used transformer oil recycling system, vacuum dehydration from Win Vacuume Dehydration System

By: Win Vacuume Dehydration System  08-09-2011

In order to achieve optimal dielectric strength and insulating performance inside of transformers and circuit breakers, dielectric oils must be kept absolutely clean and dry. ZHONGNENG designs and builds the most effective, durable, and easily operation high vacuum transformer oil purification system on the market today. Transformer oil treatment plant means?Old transformer oil is generally mixed with gas, water and contaminants, and also the new transformer oil sometimes, the content of the contaminants generally increases fast by time. So the transformer oil treatment machines can remove these associated gases, water and contaminants, and separate them from the oil and take them away. After treating the oil by our oil treatment plant, the stabilized oil is then again ready to be used in power transformers. The oil technical data after treatment: 1. Gas content less than 0.1% 2. Impurity size less than 1μm without free carbon 3. Oil dielectric strength (breakdown voltage) more than 75KV 4. Acidity value less than 0.01 mgKOH/g 5. Dielectric loss factors at 90℃ less than 0.001 Find more on

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