Used hydraulic oil filtration and purification system

Used  hydraulic oil filtration and purification system from Win Vacuume Dehydration System

By: Win Vacuume Dehydration System  21-10-2011

Features: 1.Strong ability to filter out impurities, large, deep-level precision filter to remove fine particles in the oil. 2.Automatic backwash feature: automatic cleaning filter retention of large amounts of impurities. 3.Advanced Media endothermic condensation system. 4.Pressure protection, automatic temperature control heating, automatic condensate separation device is simple, safe, and reliable. 5.High-quality filter, pollutant carrying capacity, corrosion resistance, high temperature, mechanical strength, in addition to impurities, high precision, long service life. 6.Unique degassing, dewatering systems: the use of three-dimensional evaporation technology, multi-level oil-water separation technology, the rapid separation of oil in the water, gas and impurities. 7.Electrical system used in all imported electrical appliances, to ensure that equipment with high performance. 8.Special low-noise pump. Find more on

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