BLACK GOLD Organic Fertilizer - 100% High Grade Vermicompost

BLACK GOLD Organic Fertilizer - 100% High Grade Vermicompost from Bertuah Agro Organics

By: Bertuah Agro Organics  21-10-2009
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BLACK GOLD VERMICOMPOST is produced entirely from agriculture wastes.

No cattle dung is used in the production of our vermicompost. Thus it is free from weeds and seeds that are normally found in cattle-based vermicompost that will impact the overall effectiveness.

We have listed here some of benefits of our Black Gold Vermicompost:

 - Odourless and non-toxic
 - It is an excellent soil conditioner due to its balanced nutrients and beneficial microbes contents
 - Rich in both macro and micro nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash, Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur
- It helps moisture retention in soil; thus a superb choice for pot plants and trees at your backyard
 - Help to decompose organic matter in the soil
 - Plants are more resistant to disease and pest
 - No over application as It does not burn plant root

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Thank you!

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