Health Cave's edible bird nest 2.2lbs business resell distributor dealer, 100% pure and natural cave

Health Cave's edible bird nest 2.2lbs business resell distributor dealer, 100% pure and natural cave from Platinumnest

By: Platinumnest  04-04-2010
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 Product Code: N9 This is a superior quality golden tread bird nest from the cave of Sabah. weight: 1kg or 2.2lbs, weight of the box is not included. quantity: 213 pieces altogther. box is given as free! business opportunity for resell. we supply superior quality of bird nest from the Cave's in borneo! dealer's are welcome! this is an ideal resell product for gift for love ones, for mother's day, father's day, valentine's day or any other special occasion to show love and care for their health. all are bird nest are hand processed, no chemical added or used. any default we will pay you 10 times the amount you paid. we garanteed 100% pure and no chemical used. for shipment of 1kg and above, we will provide free export certificate and health certificate, for you to apply for the import permit at your side.. this is top grade natural cave's bird nest. We guarantee 100% pure bird nest with no chemical used! Any default,we will refund you 10 times  of money you have paid. Let’s strive together to prevent any use of chemical in bird nest so bird nest in the market is not killing everyone’s health and environment! Bird nest is still always the tradition of health! Why bird nest?     Bird's Nest from a Clinical Experimental Point of ViewAccording to a recent medical research reported by Hong Kong Chinese University, the cell division enzymeand hormone of bird's nest can promote reproduction and rebirth of human cells. The Glycoprotein content directly stimulates cell growth in human’s immune system.  As a result, body metabolism is enhanced and functional effects are greatly improved. Effective results of bird's nest are observed when they are consumed by children, elders, feedle  and sick people.Bird's Nest from Traditional and Modern Chinese Medication's Point of View.(Chinese Medication Dictionary)  Bird's Nest is used as restorative and remedial food since the Ching dynasty as recorded in (Major Herbs Guidebook) and (Major Herbs Digest). Previous clinical researches have concluded that bird's nest has a (sweet and calm) character. Bird's nest contributed medical benefits to lung, stomach and kidney neural system. Several ancient medicine books such as (New Major Herbs), (Southern Mountain Chronicle) and (New Herbs Revised) all recorded plenty of detail of bird's nest remedial benefits.Bird's Nest from a Nutrition Point of ViewThe main nutrition contents of bird's nest are carbohydrate (30%) and protein (5%) although its protein content can be compare to that of milk or eggs. Bird’s nest also contains plenty of calcium and phosphorus, as well as some iron and iodine. There are still some other untraced compositions that may have medical benefits; hence we can not judge its value by the main nutrition  contents alone.Bird's Nest from a Biochemical Point of ViewThe book (Evaluate Bird's Nest) written by a biochemist has also proven that protein contained in bird's nest have some bioactive elements which might have nourishing and replenishing effects on humans body.The experts conclude that bird's nest has three main functions: Enhances the rebirth of  cells and tissues. Improves the immune system functions of our body Improves the body's tolerance toward the damage done by X-rays or other radioactive reagents. Bird's nest is an excellent restorative food with a sweet and calm character;  it is good for any age or genderLadies: Frequent consumption result in fairer skin, helps to stay young and look radiant.Pregnant Women: Consumption during pregnancy will improve immune functions of the fetus and the mothers will be able  to recover easily after giving birth.Elders: Clears phlegm, strengthen lungs and kidneys, improves spleen as well as enhances appetite.Children: Enhances immune ability, not inclined to get colds or fluMen: Improves kidney and strengthens lungs, so not inclined to get weak.   High-quality white Cave Bird's nest ideal for all ages as it helps to stimulate appetite, aid digestion, maintain youthfullness as well as strengthening the immune system and lungs functions. Research has confirmed that cave bird's nest has high content of water-soluble glycol-protein mineral such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, sodium kaium, hexasamine and vitamin B1.

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