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By: PetSon Enterprise  08-10-2009
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Unbelievable exciting ultra long lashes  

Create an incredible extreme curl! You could not help but be amazed at
its power of creating an unbelievable flawless makeup look.   Intensely
smooth extension liquid: Able to create perfectly endless long lashes!

Formula includes highly adhesive polymers, allowing your makeup to
stay perfect all day long! 7ml  

Main Ingredients:
Water, natural beeswax, Brazil palm wax, black iron oxide, acrylic
copolymer, nylon 12, stearic acid, propanediol, emulsifier.  

Natural fibers: Unique natural fibers allow easy integration with
eyelashes for ultra long beautiful lashes. O.8g  


1) First, brush a thin layer of extension liquid on your lashes. Coat a
     small amount of natural fibers from the roots to the tips of lashes
     before the extension liquid dries up.  

2) Next, coat your lashes completely with the extension liquid. The
    result is long and defined  beautiful lashes.  

3) Continue to add appropriate amount of natural fibers on the front
     one third of your lashes for more length.   Repeat again with extension
     liquid all over your lashes.  


For external use only. Cap back tightly after usage. Avoid direct contact
with the eyes. Wash with clean water should it come into contact with
the eye. Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep away
from children. Not to be consumed. If irritation occurs, discontinue use

To remove:

Apply warm water on your lashes. Wait a few seconds for the water to
soak through and dissolve the product. Dissolved product will drop off
easily. Will not leave any makeup traces on your face and will not hurt
your lashes.  

Special note:

Extension liquid will have the best effect when used with the natural fibers.
Please do not use with other products.

Product Owner of Malaysia: PetSon Enterprise
Under Registered  (R) & Trade Mark (TM) of Malaysia
Approved by: Ministry Of Health Malaysia
Notification No: NOT080802245K

Keywords: Flamingo Brand, Flamingo Mascara, Mascara,