By: Oneup Agency Services  01-02-2010
Keywords: Homestay, Jungle tracking Activities & etc.

KAMPUNG ANNAH RAIS is a 200 years settlement of Bidayuh tribe located below the Penrissen Mountain surrounded by lush natural-pristine environment.  The focal point of this settlement is a longhouse with a unique Bidayuh architectural traditional design and built with bamboo.  Visitors who venture and patronize this HOMESTAY will experience the peoples, unique lifestyle, culture, nature and these activities include traditional music, dances, padi-cultivation and visits to beautiful natural sites and places of interest. Visitors will also have opportunity to see how the community traditional members sustain their livelihood and earn their income by planting pepper , cocoa , sugar cane , tapioca and others as cash crops.
This HOMESTAY also provides activities  for nature tour outdoor in natural surroundings - Hot Spring , Picnic , Guided jungle trekking deep into the rain forest and 3-tier waterfall.
Guests and visitors will have the opportunity to witness the activities within the settlement on the preparation of rice or chicken cooked in bamboo, weaving,pounding of rice and the norms surroundings the livelihood of the society.  Short stories and the history of the settlement in the by-gone days and the background of the longhouse and her inhabitants.
Bidayuh traditional dancers and musicians will perform for guests.  Night activities can be supplemented with BBQ and guest will be served with a traditional rice wine.

Keywords: Homestay, Jungle tracking Activities & etc.