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Did you eat 19 kinds of fruit in one day??
MONAVIE the juice is his answer
What is Juice MONAVIE?
The combination of 19 fruit's nutritional and health for the best in the world.
It consolidated
in a mixture of pure side for providing quality health
prime of your life.
Are your parents, family members or freinds .. you .. have ... the problem. The following: -
1) Cancer / tumor
2) Diabetes
3) Hypertension
4) Heart / blood vessels
5) Arthritis / Joint
joint pain and sore BDN
6) migraine / headache
7) Stroke / Parkinson 's
8) Nerve Problems
9) Alzheimer's
10) gastric
12) constipation / diarrhea / piles
13) Cholesterol
14) Asthma / tired / exhausted / semput
15) Stress / depressed
16) Mencantik & smooth skin
17) Controlling HIV
18) Pain? PMS
19) Menopous
20) Acne
21) allergic seafood, etc.
22) Kidney
23) urine stain
24) etc
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Proven ~
Why you should choose it?
Fruits-juice from 19 healthy, the best natural world
-Fruits Acai Berry from the Amazon jungle very rich and vibrant with anti oxidant
-No side kesn
-Form of tablets, especially for liquid than kanak2
-All ages
-Product quality and cGMP and ISO 9001:2000 implementation
-Products are guaranteed HALAL oelh IFANCA.
-No dye and sugar.
, And many more .. it says ......
TESTIMONY ~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~
* All testimonials are from actual patient admission and it is not for general guidance
claim for medical purposes.
1) En. Abd Rahman Simin (high blood and piles), Temerloh, Pahang
-Experienced> 20thn Bacan hypertension (170/100)
Juice a month works hypertension> 120/80
2) Mrs. Lina (menstrual problems)
- Disorders and migraine
Had bypass surgery, was an issue for cyst. / cramps
White-blood cells than red virgin cause Leukemia
First-Amal juice 1miggu alhamdulillah have regular and no migraine., Etc. ..
3) En. Ammar Ibrahim (Acne problem), Pahang
Meet face-Acne and difficult to clean.
- Charity MONAvie drinking juice can heal with a significant.
4) En. Ali (Rawang Selangor)
-I had a cholesterol reading of 7.4
, After drinking the juice in four days down to 6.4, very promising .. once ..
5) Mrs. Suriyah (NSW)
Suffer chronic pain, each time coming
-Body weak and my stomach kind of pain burst
the extra juice monavie pulse alhamdulillah .. well ..
and more /....
besides that ... it also generates income !!!!!!
We are looking for entrepreneurs and distributors! anada pioneer in .. Juice MONAVIE
For those of you that still seek business it is very suitable low investment
RM500 only and returns in U.S. dollars ....

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