Cured In Place Pipe Lining CIPP

Cured In Place Pipe Lining CIPP from UTIC SERVICES SDN BHD

Keywords: Pipeline Rehabilitation, Nodig

Trenchless Pipeline Rehabilitation using CIPP Technology
CIPP is a system to build a new pipe within the existing pipeline by insertion of a resin impregnated lining tube which then cured to a seamless pipe tightly fitted to the existing pipe.   The method involves the inversion of a non-woven polyester felt tube, which is saturated with thermosetting resin and catalyst.  
The impregnation of the felt tube with the resin-catalyst mixture is done in door before it is stored and delivered to site under a temperature controlled environment.  
CIPP liner is designed in accordance with the international standard (ASTM) based on design parameters such as diameter of pipe, depth, length, shape, hydrostatic loading & type of deformation.  
On site, the tube is installed through the existing manhole into the damaged pipe by water pressure. Once the liner has been fully inverted through the existing pipe section, between two access points or manholes, the resin is heated using hot water circulation to form a tight fitted “pipe within a pipe”.  
The new installed CIPP lining is a fully structural and seamless pipe. It avoids  infiltration of ground water into the sewer system.   The CIPP rehabilitation extends the service life of existing pipeline up to another 50 years. It also improves its hydraulic capacity, and provides structural strength to bear current traffic loads and the underground water pressure.

Keywords: Nodig, Pipeline Rehabilitation,



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