Stern Structural Arithmetic (by Maths Extra Ltd. UK)

Stern Structural Arithmetic (by Maths Extra Ltd. UK) from My SEN Learning Resources

By: My SEN Learning Resources  01-10-2010
Keywords: Education & Training Services, Teaching Aids, Dyslexia

Using Stern’s teaching programmes, children discover the meaning of concepts for themselves and as they do, they develop a wide range of skills such as: mathematical reasoning; visualization skills, hand-eye co-ordination; spatial awareness; receptive language, and auditory memory. Children perform actions at every step using concrete materials, developing solid foundations on which to build.

Some features of Stern:
- Develops Cognitive Thinking
- Teaches Number Facts in Structurally Related Groups
- Develops Concepts by Measuring, Not by Counting
- Develops Spatial Thinking and Reasoning
- Progresses from Thinking to Writing Equations
- Economy of Learning - The Result of Transfer

Special Educational Needs
Over the past five years professionals at Maths Extra Ltd. (UK) have worked with families and schools using the Stern equipment to assist children with a wide range of learning difficulties, disabilities and additional needs, where progress is evident.  These include, children with autism, AD(D)HD, speech and language disorders, Down syndrome, dyslexia, dyscalculia, visual impairment, a blind child, and deaf children. 

Now available In Malaysia
Please email to us for more information. Also enquire about the house-to-house/one-to-one teaching services using the Stern programme within Klang Valley.

Keywords: Austism Specturm Disorder, Dyslexia, Education & Training Services, special educational needs, Teaching Aids,

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