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Fast ForWord Literacy and Reading Programs from My SEN Learning Resources

By: My SEN Learning Resources  01-10-2010
Keywords: Education & Training Services, Literacy, special educational needs

MySEN introduces you to Fast ForWord, a series of fun and interactive educational computer programmes that are based on over 30 years of research into how the brain learns. On average, participants make 1½ to 2 year learning gains in memory, attention, auditory processing, sequencing and reading skills following only 8 to 12 weeks of Fast ForWord training.

More than just a tutoring programme, Fast ForWord can improve students’ ability to follow instructions, organise themselves, read, spell, comprehend, concentrate in a noisy classroom, participate in conversations, enjoy school and have confidence in their ability to learn. Fast ForWord is also a proven tool for developing English Language skills for ESL students.

Who can benefit from Fast ForWord?
All students can benefit from these unique, specially designed mental aerobics. Participants develop faster and more refined brain activity that allows them to discriminate, process, and retain information more effectively. This correlates with improved academic performance, enhanced self esteem and motivation for learning, and better organisational skills. Fast ForWord programmes have been used by over one million students worldwide and have been shown to instigate significant and lasting learning boosts for:

1. Underperforming students
For those students who are not achieving their optimal potential at school, Fast ForWord brain training provides a learning boost which has ben shown to result in improved school results and in-class behaviour.

2. Individuals with diagnosed conditions
Fast ForWord is a proven intervention for individuals with a range of diagnosed conditions, including: (C)APD - (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder Dyslexia ADD  / ADHD – Attention Deficity (Hyperactivity) Disorder Autism/Aspergers Syndrome

3. English as a Second Language/Dialect (ESL/ESD)
With its ability to address and improve core language skills, Fast ForWord is a particularly effective tool for ESL or ESD students. ESL students who have completed Fast ForWord have demonstrated improvements in both English and first language skills. Please see research and results for details of this study.

4. Average to advanced students
All students, even those who are performing well at school, can improve their brain processing speed and effectiveness through the use of the Fast ForWord programmes.

Fast ForWord now available at MySEN in Setia Alam. Email to us for more information.

Keywords: Education & Training Services, Literacy, special educational needs

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