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Lightweight steel truss from Monfaz Const.

By: Monfaz Const.  21-12-2009
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 We are specialist in design, supply & install Lightweight Steel Roof Trusses and other roof related works. Lightweight steel trusses and roofing works are the core business of our company where it employs Australian technology for the materials & trusses system. We also act as an installer on lightweight steel trusses and roof related works for other companies and contractors. To date we have install steel trusses and roof to many development projects such as School, Colleges, Universities, Apartments, Condominiums, Houses, Bungalows, Factories, Quarters and Government Buildings. Since, customers satisfactions and quality of services & works within the time given are the main priority of the company, we would strive for the best to meet all the necessary requirements & specifications plus giving a good & quality job for our clients.


♦  Economical and Fast
♦  easy to assemble & quick to erect.
♦  long lasting more versatile compare to timber
♦  100% recyclable &  environmental friendly – virtually no waste
♦  Designed and Engineered to your specifications
♦  Non-combustable & fire proof – does not burn nor contribute fuel to the spread of fire
♦  Termites, insect & rodent resistant – eliminating structural damage
♦  Compatible with other building systems♦  Lightweight yet strong when assemble
♦  Structurally maintenance free - Won't wrap, shrink, crack, sag or rot
♦  More design possibilities compare to timber
♦  consistent and uniform in material strength and quality
♦  It does not change in dimensions as it does not expand or contract when subject to moisture.
♦  Highiest strength to weight ratio 
♦  Inorganic material – not vulnerable to any type of fungi or organism, including mold
♦  Safety – completely grounded against electrical storms
♦  Strength – meets  uplift, reflection& wind loads
♦  No toxicity contribution

If interested to use our system please do not hesitate to call us at               018-381 7738         017-289 9906. Feel free to call us for any inquiries.(free for quotation & reasonable price )

Keywords: Steel Trusses