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Visitor Report System from MINITANK TECHNOLOGIES

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Our genius reporting tools receive real-time data from all the service portals, providing you with up-to-second information regarding every aspect of your event, from visitors to operational flow. In terms of visitors, we give you a new, data-rich understanding of customer activity, to market more effectively, with advanced registration, email and mobile number capture, social media integration and loyalty programs. This allows you to know about your customer to a great, great extent; who they are, what they like, where they’s from, who likes beer over wine, who prefers Twitter over Facebook. With these information, you are able to tailor your offering and products to suit your target audience’s needs, thereby generates more revenues. In terms of operations, we provide you with access to powerful data that helps you to make better decision about the allocation of resources, help you to determine what is important to make future events safer, more engaging and easier to navigate. Examples include: • Capacity reports • Scanning reports • Visitor check-in reports • Time specific reports to track visitor flow • Hotspot areas Features • Automated collection and compilation of audience profiles • Automated collection of data regarding event operational flow • Collection of data customized to your needs. You decide what you want to know and we collect the data for you! • Generates both real-time and summary report Benefits • Enhanced marketing strategies tailored to your target market • Automated data collection reduces staffing requirements and eliminates manual data entry errors • Real-time reports enable on-site incentive to be implemented; for example, discount introduced to boost the sales of a less popular vendors • Summary reports facilitate comprehensive post-event revision by having all the event data collected and charted in a systematic and organized manner

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