LifeStraw - Portable Water Filter and Instant Microbioloogical Water Purifier

By: Malaysia Environmental Solutions provider and Waste Water Treatment   25-12-2010
Keywords: Malaysia, Environmental, Reverse Osmosis

Water filters have been shown to be the most effective interventions amongst all point-of-use water treatment methods for reducing diarrhoeal diseases. The Cochrane review demonstrates that it is not enough to treat water at the point-of-source; it must also be made safe at the point-of-consumption.

LifeStraw® and LifeStraw® Family are both point-of-use water interventions – truly unique offerings from Vestergaard Frandsen that address the concern for affordably obtaining safe drinking water at home and outside. These complementary safe water tools have the potential to accelerate progress towards the MDG target of providing access to safe drinking water, which would yield health and economic benefits; thus contributing to the achievement of other MDGs like poverty reduction, childhood survival, school attendance, gender equality and environment sustainability.

Keywords: Environmental, Environmental Management, Malaysia, Reverse Osmosis

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