HUST CNC Controller

By: ES Motion Technologies Sdn Bhd  10-01-2011
Keywords: Welding, Electrical Engineering, Automation

 HUST H4CL-M CNC Controller Software Feature List
Customizable Operator Interface
Several different ready-to-go, turnkey controllers
Configurable operator screen with high-resolution
Touchscreen, floor standing, hanging or handheld controller models (Optional)
Mix and match virtual controls with physical hardware buttons, knobs and switches
Dry-run mode
Absolute mode
Incremental mode
Distance yet to go
Cycle Start/Pause Function
Single Step Function
Jog Function
Load Program Function
MDI Editor Function
RS232 Terminal Function
CAD Links Function
Tool Parameter Function
Diagnostic Function
Set home position
Hand wheel devices
Access the tool parameters screen
Display position relative to machine zero
Graphical and Visual Mid-program Restart
Feedrates and Cutting Speeds
Dynamic read-ahead maximum 500 line
Feedrate optimizing and filtering routines for accel/decel and fillets mm/min or mm/rev

Motion Logic
4 coordinated axes for any machine type
PLCs or ladder logic
A visual logic process editor is included
Reverse spindle direction
Exact stop checking and smoothing
High-speed precision rigid tapping and lathe threading
Rigid threading
Rapid to position
Clockwise arc/Counterclockwise arc
Position relative to machine zero
Emergency stop
Spindle & Feedrate override
Wait for motion to stop
Find encoder index mark
Machining planes
Polar coordinate system

Graphics Control
Wire frame or point cloud graphics shows cuts in real time and simulation
Display part profile, current and next positions
Zoom, Pan, Tumble

Backlash compensation
Lead screw compensation
Tool compensation

Digital and Analog I/O Control
Read or set any digital I/O
Conditional I/O logic
Fake the status of the digital I/O
Wait until desired I/O state happens
Analog I/O Tool changers
Homing routines
Overtravel limits
Jogging devices
Feedrate override
Spindle Speed override
Voltage override
Rotary tables
Gear changing
Material height sensing
Machine Monitoring
Parts Run
Idle Time
Spindle Time
Run Time
Cycle Time
Status Line Number
Tool Number
Speed Feed Rate

Miscellaneous Control
Password protection and feature access limits
Settable preferences with feature access limits
Midprogram start reads previous blocks to pick up offsets, tools, speeds and feeds
Definable block skip character
Crash barriers for fixtures, chucks and tooling
Define the parameters of an axis
Display the value of variables
Analog input and output
Goto or jump
Read main and auxiliary encoders
Read encoders relative to machine zero
Cap maximum spindle speed
Rough and finish square pocket
Rough and finish pocket with fillets
Rough and finish circular pockets

G & M Codes:
G Codes
G00 Rapid move G0 X# Y# Z# up to 8 axesG01 Feed Rate move G1 X# Y# Z# up to 8 axesG02 Clockwise arcG03 Counter clockwise arc G04 Dwell timerG08 Clear machine coordinates in all axis G10 Data input G11 Output command G12 Input command G14 Special output commandG17 XY PLANE G18 XZ PLANE G19 YZ PLANEG20 Inch mode  G21 Millimeter mode G22 ($) Line Track Milling G23 ($) Over Track MillingG24 ($) Rectangular Track Milling G25 ($) Circle Track Milling G28 Tool radius compensation – cancel G29 Moves back to the specified position from the ref. point G30 Tool moves to the 2nd reference point (10 sets) G31 Skip function G34 ($) Bolt hole circle G35 ($) Line and angle rotation G36 ($) Arc Drilling Route G37 ($) Grid Drilling RouteG40 Tool radius compensation - cancelG41 Tool radius compensation - set leftG42 Tool radius compensation - set rightG43 Tool offset compensation – (+) directionG44 Tool offset compensation – (-) directionG49 Tool offset compensation - cancelG54-G59 Work coordinate offsets G65 Macro function G80 Hole drilling canned cycle - cancelG81 Hole drilling canned cycle – Set G82 Hole drilling canned cycle – temporary stop at bottom G83 Deep hole drilling canned cyctel G85 Boring cycleG86 Boring cycle (Spindle stop at bottom) G89 Boring cycle (Temporary stop at bottom) G90 Absolute coordinate G91 Incremental coordinate G98 mm/min G99 mm/rev
M Codes
M01 Program StopM02 End of ProgramM03 Spindle On Clockwise: Spindle, Laser, Flame or PowerM04 Spindle On Counter ClockwiseM05 Device Stop: Spindle, Laser, Flame or PowerM08 Coolant/Air/Vacuum OnM09 Coolant/Air/Vacuum OffM10 Coolant/Air/Vacuum OnM11 Coolant/Air/Vacuum OffM30 End of Program with rewindM98 Jump to macro or subroutineM99 Return from macro or subroutine

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