We are Seeing the Infancy of Something Great - RepRap 3D Printer

We are Seeing the Infancy of Something Great - RepRap 3D Printer from Blomker Industries

By: Blomker Industries  29-06-2012
Keywords: 3d Printer, prusa mendel, reprap

Efficient yet low cost 3D Printers will open up accessibility to home users, school children, University undergraduates, Architect offices, Engineers and many more people out there. Like how Inkjet and Laser printers evolved over the past decade, 3D Printers will endure the same. Every home, school and office will own a 3D Printer which sits on the desk just like a conventional paper printer, except it can print 3D Objects in plastic, metal or ceramic. Buying toys will be a thing of the past for those who own a 3D Printer. Toys will be downloaded and printed at home. Parents and children can together customise their own toys and print many versions of it. Children will no longer get bored with their same old set of toys. Print one for their siblings and another for their friends. It will stimulate creativity and innovation among the younger generation. RepRap 3D Printers has the self replication concept. The plastic parts of the RepRap 3D Printer can be printed. So one RepRap will print another RepRap. Just assemble the frame and motors together and another RepRap 3D Printer will be ready to print. It is so easy and affordable that people no longer have to buy printers from IT malls. Just get your friend or neighbour to print one for you! Picture : Printed parts for assembling a RepRap MendelMax 3D Printer. Total costs less than RM1,500. -blomker

Keywords: 3d Printer, mendelmax, prusa mendel, reprap,

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