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What is Simultaneous Interpretation? Simultaneous interpretation is a highly specialized area of interpreting which requires accurate, orally and at the same a rate of speech as that the speaker/presenter, with only a few seconds of a gap time to deliver the verbal translation. Simultaneous interpreters will require 2 interpreters to handle the task. It takes 15 minutes each to work hand in hand to perform the interpretation. There are some experience interpreters that may able to do it alone, however it is very rare to find an interpreter who has got the strength and mind of 3 persons to be able to complete the interpretation. Bear in mind that simultaneous interpretation is one of the most technical and very exhausting job in the world! Simultaneous interpreters not only need to master the languages but also its cultures. They also require to know the technical knowledge of the subject to be discussed and also the simultaneous interpretating training, experience and skills. The simultaneous interpreters require a proper equipment to deliver their interpretation. It is designed to suit the assignment given. For example, you can see how the flow of the simultaneous interpreter goes on from the start to the delivered result at the end of the project. Our company provides all that equipment to the interpreters to accommodate your events. For equipment details, please visit Simultaneous interpretation Equipment (SIS) and Audio Visual. Kindly visit our office to get a FREE consultation.

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We have experts with excellent skills in preparing conference reports. They are able to formulate the speakers’ talks and summarize the ideas mentioned therein in an effective manner. Our experts are fast, accurate and skilled in their creative writing. They are degree holders, lecturers, and academicians. Our clients have always expressed their appreciation and admiration of the quality of our work and we strive to maintain our reputation.


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We provide certified documents from Agency and Association that have been accepted throughout Malaysia and worldwide. From Embassies, Court to Customs Immigration and many more. Kindly visit our office to get a FREE consultation.

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Le Reve Translation is an international company catering services in translation in more than 70 languages, interpretation, rapporteuring, copywriting, desktop publishing (DTP), language training and event management and equipment rental worldwide. We only employ highly qualified and experienced translators, interpreters, rapporteurs, copywriters, linguists, DTP experts and programmers so that the highest quality services are achieved.