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Native English Grammar and Proofreading Services from

By:  26-07-2010
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"Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started" PROOFREADING - The first contact between GrammarProofing and the customer will outline your timing requirements, budget and special handling instructions. Once we receive your work, GrammarProofing will use the "Track Changes" feature in Microsoft Word to highlight the problems found and the changes made. Your document will be scrutinised and examined "word" by "word". It will be returned to you by email in files. The first will be the final document, with all changes incorporated and the second will show all of the editing using "Track Changes", allowing you to remain in total control of your document and free to accept or decline any of the amendments. "Proofreading is......." ...... To comprehensively search your documents for: • Spelling errors • Grammatical inconsistencies • Punctuation / Hyphenation • Unwanted Tautologies or Americanisms • Referencing • Style and Presentation • and much more besides . . . It is true that spell checkers faultlessly ensure words are spelt correctly however, the English language has many words, such as ‘their / there’; ‘were / we’re’; ‘quite / quiet’, and many others that can confuse the writer. The Proofreaders task is to identify and replace these offending words whilst maintaining the style of the original text.

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