Corporate English Grammar Corrections & Proofreading Service

Corporate English Grammar Corrections & Proofreading Service from

By:  26-10-2009
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Why Do Your Documents Need GrammarProofing? In an ideal world, all business would be conducted in your native language. However, English has emerged as the language of choice for business, and GrammarProofing seeks to close the gap between you and your clients by ensuring that your documents will be received free from spelling mistakes, whilst maintaining their intended richness of content and meaning. Some companies cut corners by making use of temporary staff or interns to check their documents for them. In house editing and proofreading can actually make your documents worse, and as a consequence, they may cost your company more than just the fee to have them proofread professionally. "You wouldn't ask a plumber to repair your car, so why entrust your company’s reputation to a temp?" employs NATIVE ENGLISH PROOFREADERS to assist you. Your first contact with GrammarProofing is here and now. You have already identified the need to ensure that your documents are in good order; and this puts you way ahead of your competitors that haven't. Next, decide on your timing requirements, budget and your particular document handling instructions. Why are the simplest mistakes often the most embarrassing? Because they imply a lack of attention to detail and potential clients will believe that you will handle them in the same way. We provide a fresh and untainted pair of eyes to scan your documents, looking past the contents meaning to catch the misspellings, amalgamate the stray thoughts, and iron out the crinkled phrasing. You deserve to be understood. We employ Native English speaking proofreaders and editors, so you can be sure that your editor will have experience editing and proofreading documents in your field or subject area. In business, you want to avoid embarrassing misunderstandings and we will help you to select the best words, choose the right expressions, and ensure the correct use of grammar.

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