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By: GSE ONLINE SDN BHD  01-05-2011
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WHY WE NEED ANTI - STATIC PROTECTION ? WHY SHOULD WE BE CONCERNED ABOUT THE IMPACT OF ELECTRO-STATIC DISCHARGE ? WHY ANTI STATIC CARPETING FOR YOUR FACILITY ? REASON IS TO PREVENT TRIBOELECTRIC DAMAGING OUR MACHINES / EQUIPMENTS / ELECTRONIC PARTS etc A) Product Name ESD Diamond Mat B) Raw Material : NBR + Synthetic Rubber C) Purpose To prevent equipments damage resulted from triboelectric voltage of the static dissipative D) Scope Ideal for use for Workstations, Electronic Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Plants, Cleanrooms, Fiber Optics, Electronic Assembly, Electronic Warehousing, Circuit Assembly, Aerospace, CMOS chips , microprocessor , semiconductor , dish drivers , composites , LCD screen product , circuit product line , hospitals and Pharmaceutical industries , precision instrument etc E) Characteristics 1 ) The anti-static mat is made up of two layers , the top layer ( hard ) is static dissipative with anti slip feature and the bottom layer ( soft ) in conductive . 2) Features :- The anti static properties of mat are according with the relative requirements of SJ/T 10694-1996 . The surface resistance of static dissipative layer ( 1.0 x 10e6 ~ 10e9 Ω ) The surface resistance of conductive layer ( Below 1.0 x 10e6 Ω ) Volume resistance ( 1.0 x 10e6 ~ 10e9 Ω ) Surface triboelectric voltage of the static dissipative material

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