JTEA. ice tea. special proposal. for export only.

JTEA. ice tea. special proposal. for export only. from AF Industries Sdn. Bhd. (866278-M)

By: AF Industries Sdn. Bhd. (866278-M)  01-05-2011
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TO WHOM IT CAN BE INTERESTING. ================================================== SPECIAL PROPOSAL. Product name: JTEA. Category: Ice Tea with Juice. Grade: Premium. Now we can offer you the very special price: RM 0.85 per one bottle (USD 0.283). This price for the existing formula we use in JTEA, means: a high quality ice-tea with natural juice with vitamins, including vitamin C, no colorings or preservatives, pure sugar (no sweetener). Can be consumed by young children. It is in the category of Premium Ice Tea. Our water treatment system 7 steps (including RO, Ozone, UV). So, the water we use is very soft and very clean. Surely we can make a more cheaper drink (for example RM 0.55 per bottle), but it will affect the quality. Hot-filling technology – more expensive PET preforms we are using at the moment. Means that we have the limited lower level of costing: let’s say if we will produce for you 1,000,000 bottles per one month we can offer you about RM 0.70 per bottle. And it is still high quality ice tea in crystallized PET, fulfilled by hot-filling technology. According to the demands from client’s side we can change the type of package for cheaper one, and as result the formulation also will be changed: we have to use a preservatives and/or change the sugar by sweetener (or mix them 50/50). Showed price on terms Ex-Works factory in Puncak Alam, Selangor, Malaysia (detailed address below). Shelf-life 12 months. Just for information. According to laboratory test we passed few months ago our JTEA can be kept up to 18 months. But we still use 12 months at the moment. Maybe later after 7-10 tests we will use 15 months on label. One 20’’ container – approximately 1250 trays. Each tray 24 bottles. So the cost per one container RM 25,500.00 (USD 8,500.00) We can offer you. Green tea with Peach Juice. Black tea with Peach Juice. Green tea with Lemon Juice. Black tea with Lemon Juice. and etc. Minimum order quantity 600 trays per one type (one day shift volume). On existing equipment we can produce 1,500,000 bottles (460-500 ml) per one month. We have no any colorings or preservatives in existing product (JTEA formulation). At the moment we have not ISO or HACCP yet. Certificates, tests we have passed: a). Heavy Metal. b). Microbes. c). Nutrition. d). US FDA test. Additional information for further usage: On the existing line, we can produce not only ice-tea drinks, but also various types of juices, drinking still water (enriched with Ozone), dairy products (soy milk for example). Further opportunity: by modernizing the equipment we can produce carbonated drinks, moreover by adding just one special unit – beverages in soft package (24 months shelf-life). Any questions, please contact us. Sales & Marketing Department AF Industries Sdn. Bhd. (866278-M) Food & Beverage Processing Industry member of AFZ Group: (we have companies in China and Uzbekistan). member of MATRADE. member of FMM. member of HALAL. member of SME/SMI. No. 12, Jalan TIAJ 2/7, Taman Industri Alam Jaya 42300, Bandar Puncak Alam Selangor D.E., Malaysia Tel.: +603 6038 9919 Fax: +603 6038 9929 www.afzgroup.com [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Keywords: B2b Marketplace, beverage, Ice Tea, j-tea, Juice,

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