MIRACULOUS SELF HEAL BOOK - Heal yourself in the comfort of your own home

MIRACULOUS SELF HEAL BOOK - Heal yourself in the comfort of your own home from LoveHeals

By: LoveHeals  21-06-2010


Book Of Healing

Are you or a loved one suffering from any disease, and is this leading to depression and sadness in your life...if you are, then this fantastic little book will surely help alleviate your current state of affairs.

Every once in a while, some say very rarely, there comes along a unique book that not only inspires and uplifts the reader, but also gives us the strong and deep faith that nothing is impossible, provided we believe in ourselves and the powers within. IRAH'S BOOK OF HEALING is one such unique book. In essence this is a New Age Self-Help book, which will provide you with the insights, advice and guidelines necessary to embark on your journey of self-healing successfully.

This fascinating book on the art of self-healing is a compilation of revelations made to an average human being, who has since put into practice the divine gift of spiritual healing to help many heal themselves of the sufferings brought about by disease, be it physical or emotional, and therefore miraculously change their lives in health and wealth in attaining inner peace and joy in a world full of fears.

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