SUNDE 880L Model

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We have the latest generation of networking product that you’ll definate need it in order to save cost yet effective. This special and unique product is branded as SUNDE. Our mission is to make Thin Client - a diskless CPU (SUNDE) really work for you in any working envirolment including homes.Adopting the SUNDE solution, you can make multi-user use the resources of one PC, such as browse the web, net games, private email, office suit and other application software. Once the installation completed, you will get the same operating envirolment as the one on the host PC. Today all of us need to cut down IT expenses through network simplicity - Perhaps it is the trend of green computer - a revolution in tomorrow's technology.
SUNDE model 880L is a very unique hardware that is widely being used in most offices, tuition centres, MLM, cyber cafe, schools, government department, exhibition booth, restoran, franchise shop, retail shop, clinic, hotel, caring centres, NGO centres, libraries, all SME and SMI sectors. Normal Price : RM480.00     Offer Price : RM398.00 . For more details, please contact 0133687988 
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