Hydrox Mobile SANHO Brown's Gas Generator

Hydrox Mobile SANHO Brown's Gas Generator from Hydrox Mobile Malaysia

By: Hydrox Mobile Malaysia  16-11-2009
Keywords: HHO, oxyhydrogen


HYDROX MOBILE series Hydrogen Generators are fruits of our creative technology, adopting

advanced high frequency power supply and patented leak proof oxy-hydrogen generator, with

special design of circular, cooling and separating system as well as high-automated protection

control system.

Our products feature in small size, environmental friendliness, energy saving, high

efficiency, safety, easy operation and economical benefit.

It is especially significant to understand this manual before operation, due to high technology

applied to our products.

HYDROX MOBILE series Hydrogen Oxygen Generators produce plenty of H2 /O2 by consuming electricity and water, regarded as a master machine of providing clean source of combustion gas. In principle, they are adaptable in any kind of environment that is in need of fire for processing. Specifically, our products are applied in: 1. Cutting by Oxygen Flame-----------be applicable to cutting by carbon steel flame and adaptable in all manner of cutting like manual cutting, car type cutting, copying cutting and programmed and etc. 2. Gas Welding ---------------------------be suitable for the gas welding and flame spray painting of carbon steel, etc. non-ferrous metal. 3. Jewelry Processing---------------------applied in the hot processing of Jewelry like gold or silver, for the reason that the oxy-hydrogen flame contains no carbon , is particularly applicable for the hot working of platinum 4. Glass Processing----------------------- suit for firing the glassware (including the sealing of pharmaceutical products) and the hot processing of quartz glass. 5. Be applicable to continuous casting template in the steel factory.……

Keywords: HHO, oxyhydrogen

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