Octagon Softboxes

Octagon Softboxes from cThree Photography

By: cThree Photography  13-04-2010
Keywords: Photographic Equipment, Photography Shop & Store


1. Uniform light distribution: Uncompromising uniforminity in light reflections and distributions without light spills.
2. Very soft light effects or strong contrasts - Strong and durable with a softer inner metallic coating with diffusers.
3. Water Proof – Does not retain moisture on the inside, increased life span.
4. Flame Resistant – Fabrics are flame-retardent to prevent any burnings.
5. UV Protection – Reduces UV-R & UV-A lights by up to 98%.
6. Discoloration Prevention – Yellowing on softbox fabric is unlikely to happen.
7. Non-flourescent dye – Reduces blue toning in photo imaging.

Octagon (Ø 150cm): RM 575

Keywords: Photographic Equipment, Photography Shop & Store

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