Advansoft-TMS : Delivery Management System

Advansoft-TMS : Delivery Management System from Advansoft Sdn Bhd

By: Advansoft Sdn Bhd  22-11-2010
Keywords: It Solution, Advansoft-TMS : Delivery Management System

Advansoft-TMS is an internet based solution for warehouse, Courier Company, transporter or basically any company that requires systematic management of their transport/vehicle in delivery and enables track & trace of their delivery, either for the company themselves or even to the customer/shipper/consignee.

Advansoft-TMS provides up-to-date and better visualization of all your delivery status, from the time the packages is loaded from shipper or pick-up from the warehouse, to the time is delivered and even the POD is returned.

Advansoft-TMS service is available on subscription basis, which enables companies like warehouses, to have accessed to this IT technology even without million dollar of IT budget or team of IT stuffs to create or support the system. This enables your company to stay competitive by providing more quality services to your customer, and on the other hand, to help improve your company operation by using such solution within your company.

The high scalability and flexibility of the system enables your company to easily expand the system when your company grows. It enables all your transport network and stations, either locally or internationally to be seems globally "connected" to the customer.

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