Exodontia and Local Anaesthesia in Dental Practice

Exodontia and Local Anaesthesia in Dental Practice from Dental Books Online

By: Dental Books Online  28-04-2011
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Dr. Rishi K. Bali

ISBN 978-81-8680-941-9
182 Pages
Year : 2008
Price : USD50.00

Effectively highlights the techniques used in Exodontia & local anesthesia.
Covers associated Medical emergencies & complications.
Prepares the undergraduates for Final Year BDS Theory Exam & Viva.
Easy to remember Pneumonics, Simple Language.
Good quality Line diagrams & clinical pictures.
Entrance Exams oriented - 196 M.C.Q's with reliable answers.
Quick reference Guide for Post graduates.


Section I:
Exodontia. 1. Introduction 2. Principles of Exodontia 3. Preoperative assessment 4. Indications 5. Contraindications 6. Armamentarium 7. Methods of Extraction 8. Transalveolar Extraction 9. Suturing 10. Healing of Extraction socket 11. Pediatric Exodontia & Extractions under General anesthesia 12. Complications

Section II:
Local Anesthesia. 1. Neurophysiology & Pain 2. Trigeminal Nerve 3. Techniques for Regional anesthesia 4. Local Anesthetic Agents 5.Local Anesthetic Blocks 6. Medically compromised patients and Medical emergencies 7. Anaesthetic Complications 8. Armamentarium

Section III:
Multiple Choice Questions.

Keywords: Books, Dental Books Online