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By: TWC Consulting Group Sdn Bhd  25-03-2011
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Corporate Performance Management

The fashionable drive to implement KPIs for performance measurement & management
not only fails to build, manage or improve performance, but this pursuit actually does
do real and active harm to an organization. The same can be said for goals & targets or better:
correlative measurements (sic) in general.

We do know that people start to feel insecure when they are robbed of goals and targets,
and in the olden times we would have been accused of Heresy and burned on sticks,
but this is the 21st Century and we strongly believe that the punishment inflicted on firms,
society - and performance - through goals & targets (and KPIs) should end and be replaced
by a measurement and management environment that truly addresses performance.

We have developed such an alternative framework that addresses exactly that and
enables our clients to achieve serious high performance.

People Performance Management

As in Corporate Performance Management, we strongly believe the current
concentration of KPI/Goal achievement is seriously misguided and sets dangerous precedents.

We work with our clients at creating alternative environments that deal with people performance

management in real time and concentrate on building competencies, continuous improvement and

innovation at all levels of an organization. Therewith we bring completely new dimensions to

building, managing and assessing performance of people in organizatio

Keywords: Business Consultant, Business Consulting

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