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Cyberoam Authorized Partner in Malaysia from SYS IT Networks (M) Sdn Bhd

By: SYS IT Networks (M) Sdn Bhd  19-04-2011
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Cyberoam Unified Threat Management appliances offer comprehensive security to organizations, ranging from large enterprises to small and branch offices. Multiple security features integrated over a single, Layer 8 Identity-based platform make security simple, yet highly effective. Cyberoam, with its Extensible Security Architecture (ESA) and multi-core technology carries the ability to combat future threats to organizations’ security
Cyberoam's hardware firewall offers stateful and deep packet inspection for network, application and user identity-based security. Cyberoam UTM Firewall thus protects organizations from DoS, DDoS and IP Spoofing attacks. Cyberoam’s patent pending, Layer 8 Human Identity-based firewall appliance enables work-profile based policies and a single interface for policy creation across all the UTM features, providing ease of management and high security with flexibility.

Threat-free Remote Access
Cyberoam offers the option of IPSec, LT2P, PPTP and SSL VPN over its UTM appliances, providing secure remote access to organizations.
The VPNC-certified Cyberoam communicates with most third party VPNs, making it compatible with existing network infrastructures and providing secure access with remote workers, partners, suppliers and customers.
Web Filtering
Cyberoam’s award-winning Web Filtering offers one of the most comprehensive URL databases with millions of URLs grouped into 82+ categories. Available with the Cyberoam UTM and Cyberoam Wi-Fi Appliances range, it blocks access to harmful websites, preventing malware, phishing, pharming attacks and undesirable content that could lead to legal liability and direct financial losses. Cyberoam’s Layer 8 Identity-based policies offer granular web access controls, preventing data and productivity loss. Comprehensive web coverage coupled with granular Layer 8 controls make Cyberoam Web Filtering the right choice for large enterprises and small organization  

Cyberoam Gateway Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware solution offers web, email and Instant Messaging security against malware, including viruses, worms, spyware, backdoors, Trojans and keyloggers. Cyberoam’s Check Mark Level 5 certified anti-virus is tightly integrated with IPS, Web Filtering and Anti-Spam, securing organizations against blended attacks and maintaining high levels of security

Cyberoam Intrusion Prevention System protects against network and application-level attacks, securing organizations against intrusion attempts, malware, Trojans, DoS and DDoS attacks, malicious code transmission, backdoor activity and blended threats. Cyberoam’s signature-based Intrusion Prevention System carries thousands of automatically updated signatures, enabling protection against the latest vulnerabiliti

Cyberoam Bandwidth Management offers Layer 8 Identity-based bandwidth control, preventing congestion, bandwidth abuse and optimizing bandwidth and delivering higher ROI. The solution prioritizes business-critical applications and users with granular Layer 7 and Layer 8 controls, supporting Cloud and SaaS deployments while lowering capital expense involved in bandwidth purchase

Cyberoam’s Multiple Link Management supports WAN redundancy and delivers assured WAN availability and reliable connectivity. With Cyberoam’s management of WAN connectivity, organizations have assured access to business applications involved in collaboration, Cloud and SaaS deployments. It optimizes multiple links, delivering ROI and minimizing overload.

Cyberoam’s on-appliance reporting delivers Layer 8 Identity-based visibility into user and network activity, offering real-time information regarding who is doing what across central and remote locations. Cyberoam UTM appliances deliver in-depth reporting over the appliance, eliminating the need for an independent reporting solution and minimizing the resultant security investment and operational expens

Cyberoam offers Application Visibility & Control with Layer 7 policies and reporting, preventing data leakage and sophisticated application-layer threats, including malware, phishing, botnets. The feature supports business applications, secure collaboration, Cloud and SaaS deployments with Layer 7 and Layer 8 identity-based policies. Cyberoam Application Visibility & Control supports policies based on a combination of User-Time-Bandwidth-Application offering granular controls with flexibility. Organizations can control applications using standard Port 80, 443, non-standard ports, port hopping or tunnel through encrypted SSL traffic, ensuring Application Security.

Cyberoam is “IPv6 Ready” Gold logo certified, making it future-ready when the current IPv4 Internet addressing system moves to IPv6 to meet the high demand for IP addresses. Cyberoam supports organizations’ preparedness for the transition, with its IPv6-ready security solutions. Cyberoam has been certified with “IPv6 Ready” Gold logo by the IPv6 Forum. The Gold logo assures organizations of a smooth transition to IPv6 with Cyberoam’s ability to identify and process IPv6 traffic. Cyberoam’s Gold logo is a result of 3000+ rigorous test cases which are part of an International Testing Program.
Cyberoam Wi-Fi security appliances protect home and remote offices and public Wi-Fi access providers from intrusions, identity theft through MAC spoofing, DoS attacks and malware entry. Cyberoam CRwi Wi-Fi appliances offer Layer 8 Identity-based security, providing high levels of security with flexibility in wireless LANs. The appliances support 802.11n/b/g wireless standards. They combine the features of a router and Cyberoam’s complete set of UTM features, offering reduced TCO to organization.

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