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1. What is VEMMA?

Vemma is a nutrition program with potent Vitamins, Antioxidant, Multimineral supplement that is in liquid form. More than 80 nutritional ingredients are available in this preparation. Vemma comes in two bottles.

2. I thought VEMMA is an extract of mangosteen fruit?

Vemma is considered to be a functional food. It's not just extract of mangosteen fruit or mangosteen juice. In fact, Mangosteen whole fruit extract (including the pericarp) is one of the 80 ingredients. Vemma comes in two bottles. One has the full range of 65 microminerals from vegetable sources. The second bottle has the mangosteen whole fruit extract, aloe vera leaf and decaffeinated green tea extract. (Pre-mixed available)

3. That sounds like a lot. What is special about the mangosteen fruit extract?

Mangosteen whole fruit aloe has an extremely wide range of antioxidants that is amazing. This is concentrated in the skin (pericarp) of the fruit that is not normally consumed. Vemma has the whole fuit including the pericarp in its preparation.

4. What other ingredients does VEMMA have?

To put concisely Vemma is a combination of 65 microminerals, all the 12 basic vitamins (A, B complex group, C, D and E) and three botanical extracts (mangosteen whole fruit, aloe vera and teen tea) that provide antioxdidants, amino acids and phytochemicals that the body needs.

5. How do I consume VeMMA?

The suggested serving is 30 c.c of the botanical extracts and 30 c.c of the multimineral preparation mixed together in measuring glass provided with the product pack. (Pre-mixed available)

6. When should I take it and how many times?

To obtain the maximum absorption VEMMA should be taken with food twice a day for the first month and subsequently once a day for maintenance.

7. Can children take it?

Children who are 2 years and above and on a normal diet can take VEMMA. At this age the serving should be a quarter of the suggested serving for adults. From the age of 6 serving can be half the adult serving till the age of about 12 years after which the full adult serving can be taken.

8. Is there anyone who should not be taking it?

VEMMA is an all natural food supplement (fruits and vegetables). This can be taken be anyone except those who have any medical condition where treatment and/or diet restriction by their healthcare provider is required. Under these circumstances the healthcare provider should be consulted. All ingredients are listed on the two bottles for easy and comprehensive reference.

9. If someone takes more than the recommended amount will the be any problems?

VEMMA is an all natural product. Just like over eating the stomach may feel uncomfortably full.

10. How about a person with Diabetes? Vemma tastes sweet. Will the sugar level be adversely affected?

A diabetic patient must be under appropriate medical care. This includes diet modification, regular mild to moderate physical activity and medication if necessary. Additionally VEMMA will help to promote health. The calories content of a single serving is 35 calories. Compared with a daily requirement of 1500 calories for an average adult this will not interfere with the blood sugar levels.

11. What is the antioxidant strength of VEMMA?

VEMMA has an ORAC value of 115,779 which is way above the most stringent requirement. ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity_ is the unit of measurement for antioxidant activity.

12. I have allergies to certain types of food. Will be okay with VEMMA?

Allergy to mangosteen, aloe vera, green tea, vitamins and minerals are very rare. However if someone reacts to the preparation it would be advisable to reduce the serving by half. This may stop the symptoms if it is due to 'cleansing' action. If the symptoms persist then stop it for a few days till the symptoms appear again then the person may not be able to take this product. This is indeed very rare.

13. Can VEMMA help me to reduce weight?

Weight reduction is a process that involves diet changes, exercise, correction of any medical condition that contributes to obesity and intensity of motivation of the person to pursue this goal. Taking VEMMA products will help you to get the maximum benefits that can be derived from the above effort.

14. Can I prevent cancer by taking VEMMA?

Cancer is now a major leading cause of death second only to cardiovasular disease. The cause of cancer are not clearly understood. What is definitely noted is that cancer can thrive in conditions where 'free radical activity' is excessive. Antioxidants reduce free radical activity. One group of antioxidants called Xanthones are found abundantly in mangosteen. This is a major part of the antioxidant activity in VEMMA which has an ORAC value of 115,779. Some authors claim adequate daily taken of microminerals can help in maintaining cellular health. Microminerals are lacking in our modern diet in varying degrees. VEMMA essential minerals can help to restore this balance and support cell behaviour.

15. Why is VEMMA contained in plastic bottles? I heard that products of this nature must be packed in glass bottles.

Technology has improved to such an extent that today we can have products such as VEMMA which provides the full daily vitamin requirement, antioxidants and 65 minerals in a liquid preparation. The same technology has enabled us to make plastic bottles where the materials used are of food grade standard. This will not allow any alteration of the contents. Moreover a light sensitive product such as VEMMA needs a completely opaque container which is better achieved with a food grade plastic bottle. At a practical level breakage is not a problem ant transport is economical. Cost benefits of this nature can be used to provide more value to the product.

16. What is the role of Aloe Vera and Green Tea in the product?

Mangosteen is an excellent source of antioxidants particularly Xanthones. In nature we have other antioxidants too. A broad spectrum of antioxidants provide superior benefits. This is what is achieved by adding Aloe and Green Tea which have been found to be loaded with a wide array of antioxidants. This combination is what has provided VEMMA with the amazing ORAC value that is in excess of 115,779.

17. Are there any side effects of taking this products?

VEMMA is a potent food supplement. When the body gets such a concentrated dose of nutrients the body can react in several ways. There will be a sense of improved well being and increased energy levels. There can also be an initial attempt to correct some of inefficiencies in the body due to poor diet, lack of physical activity or just aging. These can manifest as initial stomach upsets, feverish feeling, bone aches, mild skin reactions etc. If these happen reduce the serving to half the suggested amount for a week and take more water. These symptoms should clear within a few days after which the normal serving of VEMMA can be resumed.

18. How does VEMMA compare with other mangosteen products in the market?

In nature our diet is a combination of different foods. There is a good reason for this. We need several nutrients in every meals so that all are fully utilized. VEMMA provides all the goodness of mangosteen. To make sure that your body utilises this to the best of its ability, VEMMA also provides complementary nutrients which are needed by the body such as the vitamins and minerals. This unbeatable combination makes VEMMA a far superior product.

19. I am on on medication for my medical condition. Can I take VEMMA?

If you are on medication of any kind and feel unsure please consult your doctor to confirm. Show your doctor the two bottles. There a re very few conditions in which VEMMA cannot be taken.

20. Will VEMMA help cure any disease?

All disease processes are not clearly understood except probably for infectious diseases. Medical care is the appropriate approach. The human body has an innate ability to put together all its efforts to restore normal function. Depending on the severity of the disease this effort will be unsuccessful, partially successful or maybe fully successful. Whatever the outcome nutrition will support the body int his process. VEMMA will support this effort by the body.

21. 1 have a gastric ulcer. Iget very uncomfortable when taking VeMMA. How can I take VEMMA and benefit from it without any discomfort?

VeMMA is best taken with food. The absorption which is already good is even better when mixed with food. Someone with an ulcer in the stomach or even a sensitive stomach can take it after food so that it gets mixed with the food and causes less discomfort. The discomfort is even less if it is taken with a major meal such as lunch or dinner.

22. How long should I be taking VeMMA?

How long should we be taking food? Life long. VeMMA is a food supplement. Take it as long as you feel necessary.

23. Will I get 'addicted' to VeMMA?

Addiction is a term used for a substance that you do not need which someone cannot do without. This could be not harmful as in chewing gum or harmful as in smoking. VEMMA is a food supplement and does not cause any sort 'addiction'.

24. I would like to take VEMMA. How can you convince me of the quality of this products?

VEMMA is a product that is formulated, produced and marketed by the same company which has been in business for over a decade.

Moreover this product is now listed in Physician's Desk Reference which list supplements that are safe to be used by Doctors. This we believe is adequate proof that VEMMA is a genuine product backed by laboratory test.

25. Will there be any change in the product of VEMMA? I do not want to start taking it and then learn that the company has changed the formula.

VEMMA is dedicated to bring you the best there is. If there is any change it will be for the better. This may include packing in small bottles for convenience or premixed to save you the trouble of mixing while traveling. Whatever the changes you can rest assured that VEMMA will continue to exploit improvements in technology to further enhance the product. The changes you can expect will be in the direction only.

26. What can I expect if I take VeMMA regularly?

Regular consumption of VEMMA will provide your body with the nutrients they sorely need. You will feel energized, have clearer skin, experience better bowel movements, improved immune system resulting in improved resistance to infections and increased endurance.

27 What is  ORAC Value (mole TE per liter)?

Antioxidants are compounds that inhibit unstable molecules, called free radicals, from damaging our cells. The measurement of an antioxidant's power to neutralize free radicals is referred to as the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, or ORAC value,. The higher the ORAC value, the stronger the compound's capacity and the greater its ability to prevent free radical damage at the cellular level. Vemma has more antioxidant power than the other mangosteen products we have tested. This is what makes Vemma quite possibly the most powerful powerful liquid antioxidant program available anywhere!

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