Party preparation services & party supplies

Party preparation services & party supplies from Party People Events

By: Party People Events  04-02-2011
Keywords: Photography, Wedding Supplies & Services, Event Management Services

•    Party / wedding planning service
•    Goodie bags & door gifts
•    Party / wedding favours
•    Handmade / customised party items
•    Online party store
•    Decoration including balloons, flower arrangements & customised banners
•    Party games & activities, including piñatas

•    Party / wedding stationery

•    Catering service: International variety of finger food & non-alcoholic beverages + rental of catering items
•    Party tableware
•    Professional photographers
•    Gifts, hampers & gift-wrapping service

We specialise in:

•    Party planning: Themed parties
•    Goodie bags
•    Handmade & customised party items
•    Party decoration

* Please place an order within a minimum of:

- fourteen (14) days prior to the event date for any individual party item, including professional photography service, pinata, hampers, gift baskets & gift-wrapping service;
- twenty-one (21) days prior to the event date for any party package, party planning service and catering service;
- thirty (30) days prior to the event date for all customised party items;
- six (6) months prior to the wedding date for wedding planning service,

unless otherwise stated in the respective marketing materials related to each type of service / promotion.

* Please note that we do not provide any services / products that are not Syari'ah-compliant for any types of events.

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