New Sony Megapixel IP Camera SNC-CM120 with DEPA Video Analytics from Orion Advance Technologies

New Sony Megapixel IP Camera SNC-CM120 with DEPA Video Analytics from Orion Advance Technologies from Orion Advance Technologies Sdn Bhd

By: Orion Advance Technologies Sdn Bhd  03-06-2009
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New Compact Network Cameras With Advanced Progressive Scan CCDs Employing ExwavePRO™ Technology Provides Excellent Sensitivity and High Resolution of up to 1.3 Megapixels
Sony introduces powerful new additions to the Sony network camera lineup, the SNC-CM120 Megapixel
Network Camera and the SNC-CS20 Network Camera.  The first Sony megapixel fixed-type camera,
the SNC-CM120, has been especially designed for use in security applications.  The camera incorporates an
advanced progressive scan CCD with ExwavePRO technology, providing extremely clear and detailed
images for surveillance monitoring applications.  Unlike conventional network cameras that incorporate
progressive scan CCDs with primary color filters, this camera uses a complementary color filter to provide
amazingly bright and high-resolution images even in dimly lit environments, which is a common requirement
for surveillance monitoring.  What’s more, the unique “Light Funnel” function increases sensitivity levels to
provide extremely bright images even when monitoring moving objects at night.
Like the SNC-CM120, the SNC-CS20 is a progressive scan camera that incorporates ExwavePRO technology
for excellent sensitivity.  Also, because the SNC-CS20 is similar in size to CCTV cameras, system integrators will
appreciate the fact that it can be installed in an 8-inch camera housing.
Common to both cameras are sophisticated features such as Intelligent Motion Detection, Constant Bitrate
Algorithm, and flexible Gamma Curve Settings.  These features provide you not only with high-quality images
but intelligent and efficient operational flexibility.
Providing high sensitivity levels in a compact and slim body inherited from CCTV cameras, the SNC-CM120
and the SNC-CS20 are perfect choices for your surveillance monitoring applications.

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