RFID Document tracking

RFID Document tracking from Myrf Tag Sdn Bhd

By: Myrf Tag Sdn Bhd  12-09-2008
Keywords: Document Reader

Introducing the Magellan MDocR-2505 PJM RFID document reader.We arecurrently expanding its product line to include a heavy duty stackable version and an executive lite version.

The paperless society is still not completely upon us and there are some situations where maintaining paper based records still make sense both for practical and commercial reasons. A good example is in hospitals where hundreds to thousands of nurses record patient data on a regular basis using charts and paper based records that must be stored, transferred between departments, maintained and controlled.

Keeping track of documents and who is responsible for them at all times is a difficult task and is sometimes prone to human error. Using this technology, it is possible for a staff-member to check-out or check-in a bundle of documents at a time simply by placing the bundle into a document tray reader or by holding it in front of a panel reader for a fraction of a second.

There is no need to individually scan each document. In fact, it is even possible for each page of each document to be individually tagged if that is desirable for certain circumstances!

Keywords: Document Reader