Ekahau Wifi Badge Personnel Tracking

Ekahau Wifi Badge Personnel Tracking from Myrf Tag Sdn Bhd

By: Myrf Tag Sdn Bhd  12-09-2008
Keywords: Wifi Badge

Ekahau has come out with the newWi-Fi-based location tag, at RFID World today.We will introduce four new Wi-Fi tags that expand the functionality of its real-time location tracking solutions for healthcare and manufacturing industries. The tags, which were designed in response to customer demand in a number of vertical markets, include a personnel badge tag that offers the industry’s first two–way Wi-Fi pager capabilities and other solutions.

Ekahau’s complete line of tags deliver the broadest functionalities of any Wi-Fi tags on the market and offer enterprises the flexibility to leverage their existing Wi-Fi networks without installing proprietary readers or chokepoints. The tags support two different modes of operation.

The first is a full associating mode, in which the tag functions as would any standard Wi-Fi client, enabling it to operate and roam over Wi-Fi infrastructure from any vendor.

The second is a beacon mode. Using Wi-Fi networks from supporting vendors, the tag sends RF beacons to the Wi-Fi infrastructure without associating, enabling longer tag battery life. The tags also can leverage both modes in parallel.

Keywords: Wifi Badge