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Best iOS App Development Tools from Mobilify

By: Mobilify  08-11-2016
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Apple smartphones and tablets or iPhones and iPads have gained popularity dramatically over the last few years. The entrepreneurs of almost every scale want their business applications to feature on the iOS platform for iPhone and iPad. They hire mobile app development companies to get an application for their business be designed for these Apple devices. There are certain tools required to create an iPhone or iPad app. These are: XCode: it is the environment in which all iPhone/iPad apps are developed. It can be downloaded for free from Apple store. AppCode: a must have IDE for any iOS app developer. It has many features such as-advanced coding assistance, code generation and refactorings, code quality, project and code navigation, debugger, unit testing, iOS development, integrations etc. Indigo Studio: it allows the prototyping of mobile apps, web apps and desktop apps. Alcatraz: it is the package manager for XCode that allows the installation of additional plugins right inside the IDE. imsticker: it is a small command line tool that makes XCode project creation easier for an iOS 10 sticker pack. Redbeard: it is a complete framework that provides lot of commonly used components and a theming engine for customisation, this in turn, makes creating apps easier. Objective C: it is the programming language used to create functionality within the iPhone apps. It takes care of data and object manipulation. CocoaPods: it is dependency manager for Objective-C apps. Pinpoint Kit: it is an open-source iOS library in Swift that allows the testers and users to send feedback with annotated screenshots and logs using simple gestures. Paint Code: it is a vector drawing app that easily allows the creation of application interface elements that can be plugged right into the code because of the excellent Objective-C or C# generated in real-time. xScope: it is a combination of valuable design and development tools all in one like- mirror, dimensions, rulers, screens, Loupe, guides, frames and crosshair. CodeRunner: it allows to edit and run code in any programming language. These are some of the most important tools while creating apps for iPhone or iPad. Any developer needs to have complete knowledge of the tools that are essential for the development of apps befre he starts upon any project. If one does not have complete knowledge of the tools, it is always better to hire professional iPhone/iPad app developers like Mobilify. These are professional developers who ensure that you get the best iPhone/iPad app without bothering about creating it yourself. With their customized service, you can get an app developed to suit your needs.

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