Ganoderma treatment / improve soil PH

By: Meta Greens Resources  13-08-2012
Keywords: Household, Agriculture

MG Soil Guard

MG Soil Guard contains indigenous bio-fungicidal microbes having antagonistic

properties towards oil palm basal stem rot ("BSR") causal agent called Ganoderma spp.

thus helps prevent and inhibit the growth of BSR causing pathogen. It has high content of

humic and fulvic acids which are able to rejuvenate less fertile soil and at the same

time provide nourishment to the crop for better and higher yield. With the latest breakthrough we has made possible by controlling Ganoderma bonniness growth.

MG Soil Conditioner

MG Soil Conditioner is made from raw materials including green waste, food

processing waste and animal waste etc. It is a 100% Organic-Based

product. MG Soil Conditioner  contains indigenous beneficial soil microbes

embedded in a highly enriched organic medium. It's core function is to

organically treat and improve soil fertility thus leading to higher and

sustainable optimum yield.

EM -1

EM-1 is an acronym for Effective Microorganisms. It is a brand name

referring to a line of microbial-based products using a technology

developed by Japanese .........

Keywords: Agriculture, Household

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Ganoderma treatment / improve soil PH

Ganoderma treatment for oil palm plantation