Prints on Canvas

Prints on Canvas from Mediamont Sdn. Bhd.

By: Mediamont Sdn. Bhd.  10-05-2011
Keywords: Canvas Printing

Lasting impressions

Canvas prints are printed on cotton or cotton mix fiber material that lasts longer than traditional paper prints. This is important especially in the climate of the tropics, where humidity can destroy traditional paper prints over time. However, canvas prints will continue to hold their texture and color because of their moisture resistant qualities, and will last even longer when properly treated.

Realistic Images

The intricate weaves of canvas prints also adds a special lustrous texture to your prints, making it seem more realistic. Stretched over a canvas frame, the result is a stunning new dimension that appears on the prints. No longer a two-dimensional image with a frame, your photographs will have new life as a coveted art piece for the next generation.

Worthwhile, Affordable Investment

Canvas prints are also a worthwhile investment at an affordable price, where almost all the cost goes into making the final product unlike paper prints where the cost is due to the framing and mounting than the actual prints themselves.

Keywords: Canvas Printing