By: herbalife malaysia  19-07-2012
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Aleo have the benefits to heal and cure our body naturally. Actually, if we make it into juice the texture is kind a weird, maybe similar to egg white but the taste won’t be the same as egg white obviously, but cut it into bits like my mom did it would be better.

But, why do all the hard work to prepare where you can just easily pour from a bottle and drink it. I want to let you all know that before herbalife, I have lot of constipation where it is hard for me to do “poop” in the toilet or sometime I will went to the toilet once over 2 to 3 days, a normal person normally “poop” 1 to 3 times a day or at least 3 bowel movements a day. 

After consuming herba aleo concentrate aleo vera mix, my bowel system is totally different from before, I went to the toilet for at the most is 2 time per day. Amazing!! This is all because aleo contain plant fibers that promote smoother digestion and help to prevent bloating. Besides that, aleo can help you to smooth up your throat if you happened to have a sour throat, and lots of testimonial refers that whenever he or she is feeling sick (high fever, gastric…), drink up aleo mix and he or she will feel better. I would say that this drink is quite miracle. I had attached a video taken from google, where it explain more about aleo, watch it..

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