Prevalence of Aphasia

By: Happy Speech Recipe Services   11-11-2016
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Prevalence of Aphasia In U.S. 1 in 250 is suffering from aphasia. (American Speech-Hearing-Language Association) In U.K. Around a third of people who have a stroke will experience aphasia. Estimated that there are more than 350,000 people with aphasia in the UK. (Department of Health 2007) In Australia, Estimated that there are over 1.1 million Australians with a communication disorder (around 5% of the population). (Speech Pathology Australia, Submission 224, p. 21.) Asian countries In Thailand, The prevalence of stroke is estimated to be 1.88% among adults 45 years and older. (Nijasri C. Suwanwela, 2014(1)) Incidence of stroke in China and Japan are 483 per 1000 and 201 per 100,000 respectively. Incidence of hemorrhagic stroke as high as 30% in Taiwan (one-population based study) (Burke, Venketasubramanian, 2006( 2)) References: (1)Nijasri C. Suwanwela. Stroke Epidemiology in Thailand. J Stroke. 2014 Jan; 16(1): 1–7. (2)Burke, Venketasubramanian. The epidemiology of stroke in the East Asian region: a literature-based review. Int J Stroke. 2006. Nov;1(4):208-15.

Keywords: prevalence

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