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By: FSN Asia (M) Sdn Bhd  13-05-2009
Keywords: Data Recovery, Windows Crash, Blue Screen

PC Vaccine Personal’s unique instant snapshot technology creates a system snapshot backup within seconds, this allows you to undo any unwanted operation such as a failed Windows update, virus infection, or human error and recover your System to the previous working state. 

PC Vaccine Personal System Snapshot
Monitors sector changes on the hard drive at any time to provide protection in real time. Backup 250GB of data in 1 minute. If your computer encounters virus attacks, upgrade failures or human errors, you can recover the system quickly and easily. System Snapshot works according to the set schedule to recover the system to a working state in case an accident happens.  

· Create a system snapshot manually or according to the schedule
· Backup a system and save the backup data into the Secure Area (VP)
· Restore from System snapshot manually or according to the schedule
· Preview the backup image and retrieve individual files and folder through Windows Explorer  

Pre-Windows Recovery
PC Vaccine Personal works even when your Operating System crash. Allowing you to restore your system regardless of OS functionality.

Disaster Recovery (Bootable Media)
USB disk/CD/DD Recovery CD
Local hard drive (Secure Area) Pre-OS

PC Vaccine Personal make a complete copy of your hard drive, including Systems settings, partition information, documents, photos and etc. Save it as a compressed image file.
· Real time backup, incremental backup, schedule backup
· Clone disk/partition
· Split the backup image file
· Preview the backup image and retrieve individual files and folder through Windows Explorer
· Resize partitions during restoration
· Universal Restore
· Bare-metal recovery
· Support external USB devices, CD/DVD, NAS or Server.

PC Vaccine Personal File Backup
Choose specific files or folders to backup.
· 64K block-based backup, the latest modificationsize of the backup data
· Backup emails, music, videos and photos
· Schedule backup
· Restore selected files at one time
· Industry Standard AES Encryption

Keywords: Blue Screen, Data Recovery, erase file, operating system crash, Windows Crash,

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