Bolts & Nuts

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Fully and Double Threaded Studbolts Heavy Hex Nuts U-Bolt Anchor Bolts Hex Plugs Hex Cup Screws Hex Head Screws Material : For High Temperature : A193 B5 ; A193 B6 ; A193 B7 ; A193 B7M ; A193 B16 ; A193 B8 ; A193 B8A ; A193 B8M ; A193 B8MA ; A193 B8cl2 ; A193 B8Tcl2 ; A193 B8Mcl2. For Low Temperature : A320 L7 ; A320 L7M ; A320 L43 ; A320 B8 ; A320 B8A ; A320 B8T ; A320 B8TA ; A320 B8C ; A320 B8M ; A320 B8MA ; A320 B8cl2 ; A320 B8Mcl2. For Duplex and Super Duplex : A182 F51 ; A182 F44 ; A182 F53 ; A182 F55 ; F468 Monel K500.

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