Waterproofing - The Focus of a Nation

By: E P Borneo Sdn Bhd  24-10-2006
Keywords: Tiles, Water Treatment, Concrete

Waterproofing is making headline news across the nation. Currently with major leaking in the Malaysian Parliament Building and other prestigious projects from east to west, the nation’s focus, now more than ever, is on the quality of waterproofing application, workmanship and long-term results.The Answer is E P Waterproofing System(tm) Failure of membranes and other surface coatings is due to poor workmanship methods by contractors, sub-contractors as well as poor a pplication methods – simply reading the instructions on the label does not make for good waterproofing. Many local waterproofing jobs are applied by non-skilled workers with no experience in correct surface preparation or no knowledge of waterproofing at all. As Malaysia’s only waterproofing manufacturer to establish authorised applicators trained in International Waterproofing Standards and techniques in every state of the nation, E P Borneo Sdn Bhd is leading the way in construction waterproofing, effectively guaranteeing quality workmanship, long-term results and, mostimport antly, technical back-up direct from the manufacturer. The company ’s team of trained applicators has the know-how and skills to complete projects on time and below budget as well as offer a combined manufacturer and workmanship warranty.In short, E P(tm) is setting the standard for waterproofing in the Malaysian construction scene.

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