Dispatch Drivers

By: The Dispatchers  06-10-2014

Need a second you? There are many a time when we need an extra assistant to be around for multiple tasks and that includes being a driver. We caught in a situation where we need extra manpower to carry things, sit in the car when there's no parking, or even just running in to get something urgent without turning the engine off. Our dispatchers are the best bet. We offer a dispatch cum driver solution for an all round assistant. Rest assured all our dispatchers have motorcycle and car driving licenses.

Other products and services from The Dispatchers


Airport Shuttle

In a rush to get to the airport? No one available at that odd hour to send you? Just let us know and we'll get you there in time for your flight.


911 Rush

For any emergencies for immediate deliveries or pick ups thus we operate on weekends, and public holidays only for extreme urgent jobs.


Fragile Freight

We offer to pick up and deliver fragile items that require tender loving care. Things like picking up your ordered birthday cake, or even any kind of glass items that require extra care when delivering all on the same day to anywhere in the Klang Valley.


Office Boy

If you want to outsource your dispatch boy, we are the perfect solution for you. Our Office Boy service comprises of all your operational errands.


General Pick Up & Delivery

Our daily main bulk of tasks are handling pick ups and deliveries which are completed either on the same day or next day. We basically pick up any kind of hand carry items such as documents, parcels, cheques, stationeries, invoices, spare parts, and packages.


Monthly Package

One stop solution for all your daily operations Every company has day-to-day operational runs. And these runs drive us nuts because it is very time consuming. We understand the hassle and time exhausting effort to get parking, waiting in line as well as driving around in our infamous traffic jams. Our dispatch are most definitely time efficient and have the time to do all these errands for you at an affordable price.