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By: Chrisa Financial Planning Sdn Bhd - Harrison Assessments Distributor in Malaysia  03-02-2009
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Why Harrison AssessmentsCreated the New HATS Recruitment Module

The recruitment module was created to provide our distributors and clients with a total recruitment solution – one that a) makes online prescreening cost-effective for our customers while at the same time dramatically increasing the assessment accuracy.

We accomplished this by automating the selection process and enabling users to customize the system to meet their specific hiring needs.

The Typical Steps for Candidate Selection
First, you need to establish your assessment criteria for both eligibility and suitability. Then you need to implement a means of measuring the factors and determining at what stage of the recruitment process these assessments are administered.

Normally, the assessment process would be something like this:

1. You develop a set of minimum job requirements. (Note that this normally doesn’t include a formula to assess levels of eligibility.)

2. You advertise for the position.

3. You receive the resumes.

4. You review the resumes to determine who to short-list.

5. If you have a lot of applicants, you may use a resume scanner to identify key words in the resumes that relate to your job requirements.

6. You assess the short-listed applicants with a suitability assessment or other types of assessment.

7. Then those assessments are used to help further determine who you would like to interview.

8.The interview is then conducted, and the eligibility and suitability of the candidates is further evaluated. Inevitably, you will need to interview quite a few people because the level of eligibility is difficult to determine from the resume and the interview process is required to ask the questions that relate to the specific job requirements. Also note that since there is no formula for assessing eligibility, the interview will only estimate the level of eligibility.

9. All of the assessment data and the interview notes are reviewed in order to choose who to hire. This is usually done by looking at all the various assessment pieces and notes related to the final candidates and choosing the best candidate(s) considering all the information. Again, if there is no eligibility formula, the final decision will be based on an estimate.

This process obviously takes a great deal of time in order to hire the right candidate. Furthermore, the results are highly dependent on how well all of the information is evaluated. If a systematic means of evaluating the information is not achieved, there is likely to be many differences of opinion regarding the best candidate. Also, if the hiring criteria are not highly formulated, each interviewer determines what is most important and how it should be used to obtain an overall evaluation. Since there are many components, it is even difficult for a single interviewer to apply the same determination consistently.

How We Automated the Selection Process
Harrison Assessments has realized for years that there are many benefits to creating an eligibility formula and overall formula. For the last 5 years, Harrison Assessments has been developing a new technology that would make it easy for companies to develop their eligibility formulas, while at the same time use that formula to pre-screen for both eligibility and suitability before having to review any resumes. This also provides the opportunity for core applicant tracking features that bring recruitment automation to a new level.

After 5 years of development and 6 months of beta testing, the new HATS system is ready to use. The new approach automates the recruitment process more than any other product on the market, while at the same time maintains a consistent and systematic approach to hiring. If you compare the HATS steps below to the ones above, you will discover the great time-savings as well as the greatly improved process:

1. You review and customize the Harrison Assessments base requirements for a job function that closely relates to your job. This provides many great ideas and a guideline for a real job formula, while at the same time allowing you to customize the requirements. It, consequently, saves time setting up the requirements, while greatly improving the overall quality of the assessment criteria by creating a true Job Success Formula.

2. You advertise for the position directing applicants to the on line questionnaire that is automatically generated by the HATS system.

3. Applicants complete the online questionnaire that is automatically generated from your Job Success Formula.

4. The applicants are automatically assessed for suitability and eligibility, allowing you to view the applicants ranked according to how well they fit your requirements. You only need to review the resumes of the best pre-screened applicants to determine who to interview.

5. You don’t need a resume scanner because resume scanners only identify key words from resume. They are not able to assess eligibility because the resume doesn’t contain the specific quantified information required for an assessment of eligibility. The HATS system automatically targets and quantifies the exact eligibility and suitability requirements for your specific job and company, and pre-screens the applicants against that formula.

6. The pre-screening for suitability and eligibility is already complete. You do not need to administer more assessments at this point in the process.

7. The applicants are already ranked in order of overall eligibility and suitability, you only need to review the resumes to confirm the ones you wish to interview. This also saves time because you only have to interview the applicants who fit the job.

8. The interview is conducted, and the eligibility and suitability of the candidates are further evaluated. You may wish to also administer other assessments at this point. This saves costs related to those assessments because you are only assessing the final candidates.

9. The further evaluations of eligibility and suitability are entered into the system, allowing you to receive an integrated overview of all the assessments as well as an overall score. The Job Success Formula already contains a systematic means of weighing the different types of assessments, enabling you to obtain a quantified overall evaluation of each applicant.

How We Increased Assessment Accuracy
Harrison Assessments has worked closely with many of our customers over the last 19 years in order to make the most effective use of the HA suitability assessment. Since suitability assessment is only one part of an overall assessment, it is essential that it is effectively integrated with the entire assessment process. We included a weighting system that allows our customers to weight eligibility, the HA Suitability Assessment, and the interview in order to obtain an overall assessment score. Although this was a good step, we noticed that effectively assessing eligibility is much more challenging than most people consider. Since eligibility is approximately 50% of the importance of any job (it can vary), it is vital that the eligibility factors are effectively measured in order to make good selection choices.

Most companies rely on setting minimum eligibility requirements and then estimating the overall level of eligibility. Unfortunately, this approach does not provide an accurate result. Typically, there are 7-10 core eligibility factors relating to education, experience and skills. Each of those factors has its own importance relative to the others. To make it more challenging, each eligibility factor has different levels (for example, different number of years of experience), each of which has a different impact on the overall level of eligibility. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to accurately do this in one’s head, especially when there are many applicants.

Furthermore, if the eligibility formula is not established, each interviewer will attempt to create their own formula each time he/she views a resume. As a result, the eligibility assessment is ineffective and not consistent among interviewers. In addition, the interview itself is far less effective because the key hiring criteria are not fully formulated, making the interview far less structured. This not only makes the interview less effective, it makes evaluating the results of the interview far less accurate.

To achieve an effective measure of eligibility, you need a formula similar to the Harrison Assessments Suitability Formulas. The formula must consist of a comprehensive set of eligibility factors, weighting each of the eligibility factors in relationship to the others, and a set of scoring for different levels of each eligibility factor.

Developing an eligibility formula has significant benefits:

1. It enables an accurate measurement of eligibility.

2. provides the ability to integrate with suitability or other assessments.

3. maintains a systematic approach between interviewers.

4. enables effective interviewing though having clear criteria (structure).

5. helps to establish clarity for employee development.

The new recruitment module makes it easy to create your eligibility formulas by providing 250+ base Job Success Formulas. This provides a guideline for formulating eligibility as well as the interview questions and answer options related to each factor.

How We Made Employment Pre-screening Cost-effective
In previous versions of Harrison Assessments, the same manner of administering assessments and accessing assessments was used regardless of whether the assessment was used for employee development or recruitment. Since these involve very different processes, the new version of Harrison Assessments divides these two functions into two parts of the system. This provides specific features that support the recruitment process, including applicant-tracking features.

At the same time, it allows us to charge differently for pre-screening applicants. It also makes it cost-effective to use the recruitment module to hire employees related to mid and lower levels of the organization because the charging is less expensive for those levels. By creating a volume scheme, for each of the various job levels, we make it possible to screen large volumes of applicants for a very low cost.

The charging for prescreening is based on the job level and the number of applicants. For example, a mid-level job will cost the following:

1.6 units (US$40) for each of the first 25 applicants.

75 units (US$18.75) for each of the next 75 applicants. And .

04 units (US$1) for each applicant thereafter.

The prices above include the following:

A complete pre-screening for both eligibility and suitability.

Free use of the applicant tracking system.

Free use of the HA Job Success Formulas.

The prices above are based on the purchase of 100 units (US$2485). Larger volumes of units can significantly reduce the price. Prices may vary slightly between countries due to varying exchange rates.

For a complete calculation of HATS prices cut and paste the link below to your browser address .


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