Catenate Sdn Bhd announce ‘Catenate Community’ literacy program.

By: Catenate Sdn. Bhd.  20-07-2007
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia March 2007. Kuala Lumpur Malaysia:- Catenate Sdn Bhd are delighted to confirm that Rumah Kanak Kanak Tungku Budriah, Cheras, to be the first children’s home to pioneer the Catenate Community literacy program.Starting from March 1st 2007, the company will directly sponsor the provision of 3 tutors who will attend the Tungku Budriah children’s home twice weekly to teach the most illiterate children to read and write as well as basic computer skills.As this is the first corporate initiative of its kind in Malaysia, Catenate tasked TLC Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian – Dutch company, founded by Mirella Soyer, that specializes in conceptualizing and developing viable, sustainable community programs, with finding the correct CBO (Community Based Organization) that would most benefit from such a program. Managing Partner of TLC, Brian Lariche commented “We were delighted to be involved in the concept and introduction of this unique program, where a company has pro-actively got involved in initiating, funding, resourcing and implementing a vital educational course for underprivileged children”At the moment, 15 children who have been identified by the home as being in the most need, have now started the course. Glen Stidolph, CEO of Catenate Sdn Bhd, went on to say;“We were advised by the home that a number of children of school age had very poor reading and writing skills, and having to not only contend with their unfortunate circumstances, they were also being excluded in many things at school due to their inability to read or write, and this was the catalyst for the development of our literacy program. We strongly believe that every child should be given the opportunity of being able to contribute to society in a positive way, and by helping to teach them to read and write will hopefully be a step towards a brighter future for them”The literacy initiative will be very closely monitored by Catenate and TLC to ensure its effectiveness and in the hope that its success may be modeled and presented to Government for a possible wider application across the country.Catenate Sdn Bhd: Is a ‘Best Source’ product design and manufacturing service company based in Malaysia, S E Asia. Offering sub contract turnkey outsource manufacturing solutions for a range of OEM industries that require progressive metal stamping, metal formed and plastic injection moulded products, welding, powder coating and secondary processes through to full assembly that are “ready for retail” Also utilizing the multi cultural maturity, language comprehension and natural empathy unique to Malaysia , Catenate Sdn Bhd provides a unique business model of niche up-selling BPO services. (Business Process Outsourcing) Catenate Sdn Bhd specializes in real-time behavioral marketing and live interaction services.Rumah Kanak Kanak Tungku Budriah: Established in 1964, Tunku Budriah is home to in excess of 250 children under the age of 18. The home provides a temporary shelter for children whom come from troubled family backgrounds, mistreated or orphaned. The home is fully funded by the social welfare department under the ministry of women, family and community development. Direct funding provides for staff salaries, building maintenance and food items. The board of visitors, appointed by the minister, organizes various fund raising projects for the home to raise additional funds for items outside of the Ministries direct remit.

Keywords: Oem Exhaust Systems, Plastic Injection Moulding, Progressive Hot Metal Stamping,