1001Touch Interactive Multi-Touch Technologies - Whiteboards / Screens / Displays

1001Touch Interactive Multi-Touch Technologies - Whiteboards / Screens / Displays from 1001 Technologies

By: 1001 Technologies  20-06-2012
Keywords: E-Learning, Touchscreen, Interactive Media

From 1001 Technologies comes the 1001Touch brand of Interactive Multi-Touch Technologies that are at the forefont of next-generation needs. Teaching, learning and work within the scope of a modern and dynamic education or business environment requires a solution that replaces traditional outdated white / blackboards.

Our innovative solutions use multi-touch screen technology to deliver an fully interactive experience. Learn more at www.interactivedisplay.com.my

Touch, tap & explore directly on the surface of a screen with just your fingers!


Reliable & proven (used globally)

Unbeatable value (competitive pricing, free software, no hidden costs)

Effortless usage & setup (USB-powered, works with any PC/Mac hardware or software)

Better teaching, work and engagement

• Incites Collaboration & Participation
> Interact with content on the surface of a screen for a shared learning experience.
> Let multiple people share ideas, brainstorm and work on documents together, even from multiple locations.

• Increase Engagement Levels
Sharpens focus and improves concentration as a result of its rich, dynamic content delivery.

• Enhance Deeper Learning
Allows learners to absorb lessons more substantially through an interactive, hands-on approach.

• Boost Productivity
Speed up development, decision-making processes and overall communication.

• Wide variety of models / sizes for your every need (Interactive Whiteboard, Interactive LED)

• Multi-Touch Input

• Powerful Software Interface (create, present and manipulate interactive content)

• High Performance Hardware (wear-proof, optimized for image quality)

• Flexible Connectivity (collaborate remotely through networking from different locations)

Learn more at www.interactivedisplay.com.my

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