Ammonium Hydroxide & Anhydrous Ammonia

Ammonium Hydroxide & Anhydrous Ammonia from TEJAAS CHEMICAL Trading

By: TEJAAS CHEMICAL Trading  29-04-2009
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Product Name: Ammonium Hydroxide
Trade Name: Ammonium Hydroxide
Chemical Name: Ammonium Hydroxide
Molar Mass: 35.06 g/mol
Usage in the industry:

Used in textiles, refrigeration, condensation polymerization processes, fertilizers, ink, bleach, calico printing, photography (development of latent images), pharmaceuticals, ammonia soaps, lubricants, explosives, ammonia compounds, detergents, food additives, household cleansers (10% ammonia); for saponifying fats and oils; manufacture of aniline dyes; in extracting metals such as copper, nickel and molybdenum form their ores and as a solvent for casein in the pulp and paper industry.

Product Name: Anhydrous Ammonia
Trade Name: Anhydrous Ammonia
Chemical Name: Anhydrous Ammonia
Molar Mass: 17.03 g/mol
Usage in the industry:
1. Used as a refrigerant , a fertilizer, a cleaning and bleaching agent, a household cleaner, a condensation catalyst, a neutralizing agent in the petroleum industry and a yeast nutrient.
2. In  the nitrating of steel, developing diazo films, manufacturing nitric acid, synthetic fibers and explosive.
3. In latex preservatives, dyeing, urea formaldehyde, nitrocellulose, nitro paraffin, melamine, ethylene diamine, fuel cells, sulfite cooking liquors and rocket fuel.

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