Vacation Tank Automatic Watering Kit For Indoor or Outdoor Use

By: HYDROMATE Garden Sprinkler System   17-01-2011
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K006: Vacation Tank Automatic Watering Kit For Indoor or Outdoor Use Website:  

Kit Descriptions: K006 Portable 20 Plants Automatic Watering System For Indoor or Outdoor use launched for FREQUENT TRAVELLERS. This kit comes with 23 Liter Water Tank, enough for watering a minimum of  20 flower pots. Water flow can be adjusted at the drip head with the fully adjustable dripper (water flow rate adjustable at 0-6 Liter per hour). Our solution provide full flexibility in terms of portability and the whole tank can be moved around to serve  the needs. We received many positive feedback on the kit with Indoor plants and outdoor plants watering when they are away from home.  K006 is a complete 20 pots watering kit that can be installed/setup within 30 minutes by a pair of scissors.  The heart of the system is automatic controller that will do its job to automatic water your plants while you away from home. With 2xAAA battery powered digital automatic controller, our solution brings 100% safe environment when you are enjoying your holiday with your loves one and family members. It also comes with complete installation guide to assist you to do the setup  almost instantly. Lastly, system is upgradeable to support more plants.  

Applications: Indoor or Outdoor use. Fully portable function provides full flexibility and mobility of the system for flower pots watering. You can now water big and small plants together without the fear to overwater by our flexible drip head that deliver right water to each individual plant.  

System Components Include: 23 liter Water Tank (1) Automatic Timer (1) 4 way manifold (1) Elbow 1/2" x 1/2" (1) Nipple 1/2" x 3/4" (1) 4mm tube (25m) 4mm T Joints (25) Adjustable Dripper(20) Adjustable Dripper Support Stand (20) PTFE tape (1) Alkali AAA Batteries (2) (not included in this Kit)  

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