Automatic Watering System (Market Most Affordable Solution)

Automatic Watering System (Market Most Affordable  Solution) from HYDROMATE Garden Sprinkler System

By: HYDROMATE Garden Sprinkler System   23-12-2010
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Company Profile:
Automatic Watering Solutions pecializes in misting, microsprinklers, drips irrigation and multiple range of short and long range pop up sprinkler system. Our solution are flexible to be installed as manual watering or fully automatic system driven by our battery operated reliable automatic controller. We subsequently evolved to develop more product ranges to transform legacy lifestyle into an innovative LABOR-LESS plants watering solutions. We have then involved in many residential and commercial projects. Today, good track record of our work keeps us moving forward as a great partners to fellow landscapers.   

Benefits Of Our System:
a) Landscape Growth Guaranteed. Newly built landscape taken care of by our system.
b) Cheapest solution in the market. Our product is designed for affordability. Thus, becoming the cheapest solution.
c) Saving Water up to 80%. Our system is water legacy method where we help to save customer's water usage for plants from 40%-80% from survey.
d) Product Warranty. 1 Year Warranty of Automatic Timer functionality. Thus, your landscape will be fully taken care during customer's away on holiday.
e) Right watering solution for right plants. We have all sort of nozzles that will be suitable for different landscape. This makes our solution different from others.
f) Our solution will cover the most areas of the garden with 90, 180, 360 degree spray solutions. Vertical and Horizontal landscape are no longer a challenge with our solution.
FREE Consultation (Without Obligation)
Our company provides free consultation and design for customer without obligation. We are aiming to help homeowners to design complete system without any hassle needed. We are committed to design a completely cost efficient solution that affordable for almost every homeowner.  

No Pump Needed
One amazing thing is our system does not need any water pump to operate and our system can be very modular and independently controlled and managed. This is done possible by our experience technician that will identify the solutions to regulate water pressure from government supply (SYABAS, PBA and etc)  

Service Coverage Areas
Selangor, KL, Shah Alam, Kedah, Perak, Penang  

How To Reach Us?
Project Engagement/Sales Line: 0124312972 (Mr.Chang) Email: [email protected] Website:

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